Mediation involves families in conflict, working out arrangements for themselves and their children with the help of neutral and skilled mediators. The aim of mediation is to reach an agreement mutually acceptable to the parties. This is within the broad range of what a court would be likely to approve.

Janet Bytheway and Ilana Sachar are accredited Family Mediators Association of the Cape (FAMAC) mediators. We can assist with mediation of care and contact plans during the divorce process. We can also assist parents to mediate changes in care and contact arrangements or difficulties that arise in co-parenting, post-divorce. 

We do not offer facilitation at this practice, here is what it is and where you can reach facilitators.

Janet Bytheway

Clinical Psychologist & Mediator

(FAMAC) Accredited

Ilana Blaauwberg Therapy Centre
Ilana Sachar


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