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Janet Bytheway and Associates is a psychology practice established in 1992 where Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Psychologists and a Registered Counsellor work together. We are all registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa’s (HPCSA) Professional Board for Psychology.


We are committed to thorough, creative, ethical practice and to that end are all members of the Medical Protection Society. We are also committed to ongoing training and education to ensure the highest professional standards. 

What Happens In An Assessment?


An assessment is the process of collecting information (interviews, test and collateral) to determine what the problem is and to tailor the appropriate intervention.

Adults: An assessment will usually be conducted in the first and/or second session/s, and a treatment plan will be discussed.

Children and Families: The assessment consists of a parent interview, an emotional assessment of the child through an interview and drawings, testing (if indicated), and the gathering of collateral information (as indicated). The practitioner will then integrate all the information into a feedback session where the findings and recommended interventions will be discussed.

The practice is open from 8:00 to 18:00 daily. Medical aid rates are charged. Most medical aids accept direct account submissions from this practice

Meet Our Team of Psychologists

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Shani Senekal

Clinical Psychologist

Kerry Blaauwberg Therapy Centre
Kerry Acheson

Psychologist & Life Coach

Janet Bytheway

Clinical Psychologist & Mediator

Ishara Naidu

Educational Psychologist and Coach

Adriana van der Merwe_edited.jpg
Adri van der Merwe

Educational Psychologist

Lorraine Kritzinger_edited.jpg
Lorraine Kritzinger

Registered Counsellor

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