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Physiotherapy treatments are usually 45 minutes long. This provides enough time for the physiotherapist to properly assess and treat your condition and to give relevant advice and demonstrate exercises. You may be given the exercises to do at home so that treatment can continue between sessions. This may limit the number of sessions needed for recovery. We treat patients of all ages (men and women) including sportsmen, sportswomen, children and dancers and also pregnant women. In addition, home visits can be arranged when necessary.

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Mandy Knaap Blaauwberg Therapy Centre
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Meet Our Team of Physiotherapists

Gillian Blaauwberg Therapy Centre
Gillian Hazell

BSc Physiotherapy (Wits)

Mandy Blaauwberg Therapy Centre
Mandy Knaap

BSc Physiotherapy (Stell)

Delia Blaauwberg Therapy Centre
Delia De Abreu

Practice Assistant

Emily Blaauwberg Therapy Centre
Emily Rautenbach

BSc Physiotherapy (Stell)

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